BAO Laboratory INC.


BAO's Philosophy

BAO Laboratory was initiated by a group of molecular biologists and biochemists, who have spent years in life science research across multi-discipline fields. 

Our passion has been about creating solutions for skin, carefully investigating the formulations and manages to deliver natural, healthy, and effective skin care products. We have taken the most premium botanical ingredients across the world and compound to provide high-quality skin care solutions to our customers. 



For many years, our scientists focused on investigating the fundamentals of skin: from the macroscopic tissues and structures to the microscopic, biochemical pathways and molecular interactions. Based on the theoretical studies, we create the premium skin care products by using only the finest ingredients. The source of our ingredients ranging from the purest extracts of organic herbs, marine organisms, and all the way to the innovative molecular entities. Our efforts have been made for only one reason that we simply believe beauty originates from the naturally healthy skin.





BAO formulations are carefully selected and purified from natural, non-toxic resources and combined with advanced science to create healthily effective products. Every single product has been thoroughly examined to ensure the safety and efficacy. All of our products are also dermatologically recommended as hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. 
BAO promises to create natural skin care solutions without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, polyethylene beads, animal ingredients, synthetic colorants, and artificial fragrances.



BAO Laboratory
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